The Reitman recruiter coordinated the hiring of over 200 employees.

 "I have worked with the Reitman recruiter for the last year staffing my company.  She has been a partner and an asset to us.  She dealt with several of our managers and me to coordinate the hiring of over 200 employees on three shifts. She worked diligently and effectively to provide us with class A service. Always mindful of our time and restraints she adapted to our changing needs without missing a step. I highly recommend Reitman as they will to be a valuable member of your team."


The Reitman pre-employment checks were user friendly. 

"I want to thank the Reitman team for providing pre-employment background check service.  I used it for the first time and the process was very simple, quick, and user friendly.  I’m very pleased with the information providing on the report.  It was clear and easy to read and it gave us assurance that we had the right person.  Thank you once again for providing this wonderful service."


The Leap of Faith. 

My name is Dillon. I worked for Reitman back in 2017 as a temp leasing agent for a luxury apartment building in New Haven, CT. I have been meaning to write this email for a while. I want to share my story with you so that you can share this story with potential clients & employees in the future.

Before I came to work for Reitman I was working as a hospital security guard for just over 5 years and I felt like I was going to be stuck at a job I did not enjoy much for the rest of my life. I couldn’t leave I didn’t have any other skills for any other job fields or so I thought. I was talking to a friend one day about how he was placed into a temp job by Reitman and how he ended up becoming a full time employee of that company and loving it. That is when I reached out to Brandon Foster. He helped me take a leap of faith and leave the comfort of my security job and take a temp job as a leasing agent for this apartment building. Now I never thought I would enjoy a job that wasn’t law enforcement based, because of my military and security background. I ended up loving where I was placed by Reitman and 6 short months later I was hired by the company I was placed with and promoted to Assistant Manager and made a huge move to Maryland with my current company.

Now Brandon will tell you I am not one who enjoys change much. It took a lot for me to move away to a state where I knew no one for a job that I didn’t have much experience with.

With that being said it has been over a year and a half since I have worked for Reitman and I am now being groomed to be a Property Manager for a brand new luxury building in Boston. If it wasn’t for the amazing staff at Reitman I would not be in the position I am today. I just want to thank Brandon and the Reitman family for all they did for me. I will always appreciate it and I will always share my story with people who think they are stuck. 



Over the years Reitman provided us with many successful placements. 

"Many thanks for your prompt response and respect for our current position. I am most appreciative for the assistance Reitman provided for my company over the years with many successful placements. I wish Reitman every success and extend my thanks for a job well done."


Focus on core skills and experience sets you aside


I just wanted to thank Reitman as a whole for all you've done in helping me receive permanent employment. Reitman is by far the greatest agency I've ever been with. The way you guys focus on core office skills and experience for potential employment sets you aside from the others along with the little extras (holiday gifts/ treats). I am grateful to have been a part of you all & I will strongly recommend this agency to others looking for employment in similar fields. Thanks again.




The Reitman recruiter kept in continuous contact. 

"Thank you for all your help during my job search. I have worked with a number of recruiters during my search and your efforts and abilities stood out from the group.

I very much appreciate the level of attention provided. Reitman kept in continuous contact with me throughout the process and I always felt that they were working hard on my behalf. I plan to keep your contact information on file and will be sure to pass it along to anyone I know who is looking."

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