Our Process

We are proud of our client retention (30 clients served over 10 years, 5 clients served over 20 years),  our exceptionally high permanent placement retention rate (94%, industry average is 85%), and our high temp-to-hire conversion rate. 


Reitman’s success is driven by our processes.

  • A commitment to practicing staffing as a profession
  • A focus on our client’s specific goals for each hire
  • Our ten step process for direct hire positions
  • Our commitment to open communication and transparency
  • Our temp employee onboarding assignment and management
  • Ongoing process improvement




All temp services have access to the same or similar candidates.

Reitman’s success is driven by how we evaluate, assign and manage our temp employees.


These processes are designed to support the specific goals of our clients for each assignment including:

  • Temp orientations focusing on assignment requirements and expectations
  • Temp Conduct, Performance and Safety Agreement, customized to meet client requirements
  • Continuing process improvement
  • Management support to our recruiters to assure open communication and prompt attention to problems




Reitman’s success is driven by the tenure and experience of our recruiters, our proprietary 10 Step Placement process, and our focus beyond the placement to successful onboarding and retention. 


These processes are designed to support our clients specific goals for each hire including:

  • Our 10 step placement process, focusing beyond the job description to the clients goals for each hire and providing assurance of ongoing and open communication.
  • Candidate Qualifications Summary, designed to match the candidates’ career performance and achievements to the performance goals for the position.
  • Identification of all “knock out factors.”
  • Support for successful onboarding & retention.

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