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Reitman Personnel (RP) will treat the information that you provide with the strictest confidentiality. Please ask any questions you have regarding our practices. There is no fee to RP candidates. All fees are paid by our client companies.

I agree to keep all proprietary and confidential information I acquire during the employment application process strictly confidential.

I understand that RP’s clients may require pre-employment research including a criminal background check, credit check, drug/alcohol screening, DMV reports, confirmation of education, employment, business and peer references, and other information provided to further the placement process. I authorize RP to engage in this research. I understand that any omission or misrepresentation is cause for termination of my application or of employment.

I will not accept a position, with the RP client(s) to which I am introduced by RP, without their agreement. This applies to any position within that client company for 12 months from the date of the first interview. In the event that I place myself with a RP client that I was introduced to by RP without the knowledge or permission of RP I will pay a $1,000 placement fee and any attorney fees required for collection. I understand that I am obligated to report my interviews and all job offers with such companies.

By choosing "I Agree" below, I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understand this statement and my obligations. I authorize my former employers and schools to provide to RP all information as to my record and performance. I release RP and my former employers and schools from liability for obtaining or providing said information.
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